Our Weekend Workshop – High Impact Training with the PTCA and JoAn Majors

Our Weekend Workshop November 5-6, 2016 

Have you ever sat in a lecture or workshop and felt like you were supposed to be there hearing that message right at that time?  The first weekend in November, the PTCA Patient Treatment Coordinator Association teamed up with JoAn Majors to bring that experience to a select group of our PTCA members, their team members, and some of their referrals.  The Magnolia Hotel in Dallas, TX played host to the workshop and delivered as a fun and unique opportunity to explore downtown Dallas.  This workshop was a roll up your sleeves, get a little uncomfortable, thought-provoking, dig in sort of meeting.  There were tears, A-Ha moments, and shifting in seats happening all weekend.  Who came to the training?  We had implant and treatment coordinators, doctors, office managers, front and back team members, hygienists, sponsors, and restorative and surgical practices represented.  When polled on the final day, those who were there said things like, “I had NO idea what to expect when I signed up for this, but I’ve never been to a meeting like this one before.”  “I wish my whole team and my doctor were here with me.”  “When are you doing another workshop like this?”  “Why did you not have 3x as many people here?”  “I can’t wait to get back and have a team meeting to talk about this.”  “When can we start using the PTCA Out of the Mouth learning platform with our team and referring teams?”

So what did the workshop consist of?  We talked a lot about discovering your WHY and your practice’s and team’s WHY and figuring out if they were in line.  JoAn shared new ways of communicating with and engaging others through tried and true telephone skills and patient experiences in the office.  This sounds like a lecture we’ve all sat through, I know, but this one was entirely different from anything else we’ve ever been to.  When is the last time you left a meeting encouraged to reach out to a loved one or mentor?  When is the last time you left really feeling something like a change not only in how you wanted to do something going forward professionally but within yourself personally? 

The 2 days the group was together, we laughed, cried, were both shocked at times and determined.  JoAn has a fabulous collection of stories to help illustrate systems to incorporate into both your practice and your life.  She not only teaches them.  It’s who she is.  From the telephone handshake, to the Cycle of 6, to engaging through apology or permission, to what a team is, I think everyone there left with more than just a pearl to take back to their teams.  The PTCA is fortunate to be able to offer these kinds of experiences and trainings to its members.  The Patient Treatment Coordinator Association is an advocate for empowered and educated treatment coordinators and team members, those who gravitate toward colleague or “business partner” in the practice and not just an employee. 

There are some great educational opportunities on the horizon for PTCA members.  We are so excited to be able to offer special PTCA pricing for an online platform of education, http://ptca.outofthemouthmember.com/.  Would you be interested in learning what we learned this weekend in a format where you can almost bring JoAn Majors “home” to your team and your referrals?  In January, we will launch the 12 month continuum of education, High Impact Training, with monthly team meetings/lunch n learns on specific topics with learning agendas and quizzes.  We will also be able to offer a Study Hall option with live and recorded webinars and articles and the Dental DJ with podcasts and Monday morning motivationals.  All members should have received a 30 day trial email last month to get an idea of the learning opportunities on our PTCA Out of the Mouth website platform.  We look forward to visiting with you about starting on the education platform and what is coming up for the PTCA in 2017.  For more information like this, please go to our website www.dentalimplantcoordinator.org. Follow us on Twitter @PTCAOfficial.  Please join our Facebook group and like us on our official page at http://facebook.com/PatientTreatmentCoordinatorsAssociation/


WAIT!!! Since I wrote this, GREAT things are happening and many changes are coming for the PTCA and the Out of the Mouth online learning.  Please see the Press Release from last week in the attachment below and just know…you’ll need to stay tuned to keep up with these great opportunities.   http://theprodentist.com/7595 


-Heather Collins   December 2016

President and Chairman of the Board

Patient Treatment Coordinator Association PTCA

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