Christopher Suchánek

I am the CEO at Firm Media Inc. which is a digital marketing agency that serves both the medical and dental fields. Firm Media started 9 years ago this June, and one of the primary reasons was because I believed professional practices deserved better than what was offered at the time. We offer market exclusivity, and we have focused diligently on measuring data to produce results, all the while doing beautiful work. I have always believed that all you need to do is great work and the rest will follow. Read More »

Dr James Baker

When I was asked to participate as a PTCA Board Advisor, I did not hesitate to say yes. I have had a great career, and Heather Collins has been my right hand as my Implant Treatment Coordinator for many years. Her enthusiasm for getting this organization off the ground has been contagious. I am still a practicing OMS, but I have slowed my patient practice and being a part of something worthwhile from the beginning is a real opportunity. Read More »

Tina Beck

I’m a board certified periodontist in private practice in San Diego, California. I have served on many boards and committees for several different organizations, but PTCA is unique in the high quality programs it offers to train, empower, and motivate my team. The other members and leaders in PTCA are high caliber professionals who I can lean to trouble shoot the unique challenges my practice may face. Read More »