Christopher Suchánek

I am the CEO at Firm Media Inc. which is a digital marketing agency that serves both the medical and dental fields. Firm Media started 9 years ago this June, and one of the primary reasons was because I believed professional practices deserved better than what was offered at the time. We offer market exclusivity, and we have focused diligently on measuring data to produce results, all the while doing beautiful work. I have always believed that all you need to do is great work and the rest will follow. 
Doing great work is exactly the reason why I support PTCA. This is an organization that is altruistic in nature. PTCA is a committed group of people who are very good at that they do for their respective practices. When I found out that their mission was to simply make treatment coordinators and their respective practices the best they could be while keeping the association ethical and affordable—I was in! It’s the right idea, started at the right time for the right reasons. 
-Christopher Suchánek, Chief Executive Officer of Firm Media